Gas Station Explosion in Ghana Kills at Least 1 and Injures Several


A natural gas station in Accra, the capital of Ghana, exploded on Saturday, killing at least one person, officials said.

An explosion at a gas station in the African nation of Ghana killed at least one person and injured several others, according to government officials and news reports.

Officials told local news outlets that a fire broke out at a gas station in the capital, Accra, and then spread to another station. Videos on social media showed giant balls of flames that set the night sky aglow.

Abu Ramadan, an official with the National Disaster Management Organization, told JoyNews late on Saturday that at least one person had been killed. He cautioned that emergency responders had not been able to access a convenience store at the gas station and said it was unclear whether anyone was inside.

This appears to be footage from the explosion in Ghana, matches up with what I’m seeing on social media


Brandon Wall (@Walldo)
Oct. 7, 2017

He said 10 people had been injured in the chaos of people fleeing.

There’s been a spectacular gas explosion in #Accra, #Ghana. I really hope there are no casualties

Daniel Ngongang (@DanielNgongang)
Oct. 7, 2017

The deputy information minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, said a “significant number of persons” were affected by the explosion and “a few” had died.

Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Deputy info minister: “ Let’s not be in a rush to put out numbers. Our prayers & thoughts must be with those injured”

Juliet Bawuah (@julietbawuah)
Oct. 7, 2017

“There was some panic and we all just moved away from the scene,” George Agbey, who was near the explosion, told The Associated Press. “It was like refugees moving away from a war-torn zone.”

Firefighters were working to extinguish the blaze, which apparently engulfed at least one fuel tanker. By late Saturday, officials said the fire was about 95 percent contained and no longer posed a threat.

On Twitter, Accra city officials warned of an explosion in the Legon and Madina areas around 7:30 p.m. local time. Broadcast news reports showed scenes of destruction and some flames as onlookers milled about.

Explosion reported at legon-madina area. Please be cautious if you’re headed there or around there.
Authorities have been notified.
Be Safe

CITY OF ACCRA (@AccraMetropolis)
Oct. 7, 2017

The explosion is at least the second to rock the capital since 2015. Another explosion at a gas station in the center of Accra killed roughly 100 people in June of that year.

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